For the sake of clarity: he’s not really fictitious. Mr Conway, (or Adrian as he prefers to be known), does actually exist. Right here. In his own little imagined worlds.

So, welcome!

This image roughly captures how much fun you’re likely to have reading Mr Conway’s stories. Though, fair warning, some are somewhat plaintive, which he informs me is writer speak for sad. So feel free to invert the picture.

Mr Conway writes literary fiction with a gritty, spiritual feel. He is forever harping on about the hinterlands of faith; the ghostlier demarcations of Christian consciousness in the modern world.

Flannery O’Connor, Walker Percy and George Bernanos have most influenced the way he pictures the confluences of faith and fiction. More broadly, Jacques Maritain, G K Chesterton, T S Eliot and St Augustine have also left indelible marks. So too, Joyce, Beckett and Camus can be heard rattling around in his psyche’s lower reaches.

He tells me Silence by Shūsaku Endō, The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene and The Road by Cormac McCarthy haunt his every waking hour.

In short, Mr Conway writes across styles but always with spiritual realism and the power of story as central. If you like punchy tales that bear re-reading, he’s your man.

A Portrait of the Artist as a not so Young Man

A Joycean parody of the author under the poking acrylics of brushmaster, Ben East. []

For those of biographic predilection, Mr Conway was born in SW London with innate passions for AFC Wimbledon and Kung Fu. For housing purposes, he was relocated and raised in the Rose of the Shires and nowadays splits his time between Dad’s Taxis and staring at blank screens. It would be accurate to say he is both and neither English and Irish.

His scintillating darkly spiritual novella, The Pelican Crossing, about the struggles of two London teenagers to be together across gang divides, can be read here and is now available for pre-order. It will be universally available as an ebook and in all good bookstores in summer 23…


Fulgurites, his growing collection of micro-fiction and short stories, can also be enjoyed here.

His hotly anticipated first novel is currently emerging from the story world of The Pelican Crossing.


Generally, each new story is free to read for a week before moving to the paid archive. Short stories usually appear once a month.

Thank you for your interest in Mr Conway’s writing. Do feel free to leave feedback as he’s reasonably accessible as writers go, having assured me on a number of occasions of his openness to hearing the thoughts of other human beings.

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Mr Conway also writes reflective articles about faith. Scriptourer explores the relationship between the Bible and storytelling.

Reader Comments - The Pelican Crossing

Stunning! Kitty Edwards, Author of forthcoming novel, The Blue Poppy

Read it. Reread it. Reflect on it. Thomas O’Connor

Writing so visually rich; I can picture everything spectacularly! Mark Owen-Ward

Thanks once again for all your interest in my unique and challenging client.

Shear Jashub, Agent (Fiction) to Mr Conway

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